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12:59pm 07-25-2015
who owns this station and where are you from
9:15pm 06-28-2015
it is the worse station i ever listened to. the djs tell us that we have to be clean with our songs then they turn around and play dirty songs and dirty comedians.
9:31pm 04-28-2015
Dianne Dickinson
please sign me up while i play pogo
3:02pm 02-19-2015
Cindi Furse
Please sign me up while I play games on pogo
5:53pm 01-25-2015
I;Dchoose you again
9:58pm 10-27-2014
laura stephens
thank you for playing distant drums for me tonight was my fathers and my song to dance to he has been gone 22 years. on pogo I am ninnyof3 thank you again
4:12pm 08-26-2014
Doris McMahan
Sign me up so I can listen while I play games at Pogo please...
4:11pm 08-26-2014
Doris McMahan
Sign me up so I can listen while I play games at Pogo please...
10:38pm 07-23-2014
Please sign me up I heard about your station playing on pogo
11:49pm 07-18-2014
Patsy Hurt
Please sign me up. I heard about your music on POGO, Thanks
10:10pm 07-10-2014
arlie mae
2:24pm 07-08-2014
im here
6:15am 06-28-2014
bill kanefsky
can not access the new website. please help
1:24am 06-27-2014
Many Thanks for the Great entertainment & for the hard working spotters ---
7:13am 06-26-2014
i want to take the time out to thank all the staff at arr4u u all work hard to keep it going and a big ty to the listeners we really appreciate u being here what an awesome station this is great music great fun and most of all great friends love u all tysm
Messages: 1 until 15 of 24431.
Number of pages: 1629
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