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10:38pm 07-23-2014
Please sign me up I heard about your station playing on pogo
11:49pm 07-18-2014
Patsy Hurt
Please sign me up.  I heard about your music on POGO, Thanks
10:10pm 07-10-2014
arlie mae
2:24pm 07-08-2014
im here
6:15am 06-28-2014
bill kanefsky
can not access the new website. please help
1:24am 06-27-2014
Many Thanks for the Great entertainment  & for the hard working spotters ---
7:13am 06-26-2014
i want to take the time out to thank  all the staff at arr4u  u all work hard to keep it going   and a big ty to the listeners     we really appreciate u being here       what an awesome station this is  great music   great fun  and most of all great friends    love u all   tysm
6:29pm 06-25-2014
Thank you DJ duck man And goodone 1o7 and all the others spotters for your hard work for all of us love you all Thank you so much for taking all of our request for Arr4u.
6:19pm 06-25-2014
Awesome show Ducky Quack Quack
2:20pm 06-25-2014
love this station always got great toons on
11:37pm 06-24-2014
so happy I found this station thanks pogo
10:43pm 06-24-2014
great station
8:41pm 06-23-2014
thanks for all your great music  &  to the spotters  <3  I really enjoy your station
2:35pm 06-23-2014
Dj shellbee i just want to thankyou for playing my request. i want to think pita and Goodone107 for takeing all our request. You all are awsome ladys thankyou again.
8:19pm 06-22-2014
A big thank you to DJ Moonliteholly and DJ Dietpepsigirl for being here for us today Also thank you to our awesome staff today - Pita, Anabmom, Luckylynn, Goodone and DLD for all you do here
Messages: 1 until 15 of 24423.
Number of pages: 1629
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