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7:03pm 04-16-2014
I wanted to thank dj pepsigirl for the great dj hire, as always you rock girl I wanted to thank that staff as always dj assistant and spotters play a great role! keep Rocking , Till Next time!
7:37pm 04-15-2014
I would like to thank all of the staff and listeners for all the awesome music and all of the hard work and time spent making this station the best on the net. What a thrill it has been in over the 4 plus years I have been with this station. The friendships that have been made will last a lifetime Keep up the awesome job
4:15pm 04-12-2014
marvin gaye would be nice
5:24pm 04-11-2014
wtg mom glad you are filling better We all need you Here Love you ....Thank you bobcat
4:37pm 04-10-2014
Fanney 2001
Tyvm for song Duckman & the wish..& thanks goodone for both of the work you guys do
7:43pm 04-08-2014
Thank you lynn, great job once again, Pita, enjoy your company and friendship. Keep up the good work.  hugs
11:54pm 04-06-2014
thanks for the awesome show dj ducky   also thanks to the spotters and asst: and djs  for playing our tunes   u rock  barry  the  bossman
5:58pm 04-06-2014
I just wanted to thank all the lady dj's of the day sunshine, xangdance, moonliteholly and dj Dietpepsigirl great tunes ladys! I also wanted to thank the dj assistant Pita , the spotters luckylynn, goodone and shellbee who did a great job this morning.Keep Rocking Ladys
1:00pm 04-06-2014
Thanks y'all for a great Military Tribute this morning...."Thanks for the great request and for tuning in as always..."Thanks to my awesome help this morning Spotting Pita, Goodone,dj Shellbee, assisting Pita........" Thanks to all military Past Present and future and family's for your sacrifices to keep us free "Love alwaysdj_sunshine/Gwen
10:53pm 04-05-2014
is chat down?
11:40am 04-05-2014
tysm patty mvsdf for gifting me hire  tysm holly for  doing it   love u both   had awesome time     ty for all your loyal support   mdfs    mo
11:33pm 04-04-2014
always fun and welcomed with open arms - thank you all!! Way to go Dj Diet Pepsi and all your helpers
10:49pm 04-04-2014
To Blondie
You need to sign up again in chat. Your name doesn't exist.

Thanks, Rider
2:29pm 04-04-2014
please help me i can\'t remember my pass word  you must have it pretty please
10:02am 04-04-2014
DJ Fluffy (Auto)
Awsome tunes in the auto this morn, and I like to also thank the lastnites shows from DJ Pepsigirl,DJ Ducky, DJ SpiritSeeker, DJ Shellbee and they were very awesome shows and  like to give their helpers a big hugs and ^5zz for all their help cuz the DJ's cant do it all by them selves and so sorry it was a late request to come by the GUESTBOOK ... love each and everyone at AllRequestRadio4U so keep ROCKING out on the tunes ....... <<< just had to show off haha .... Sincerely  The Blingteam aka BlingerJr & Blingsgirl  
Messages: 1 until 15 of 24328.
Number of pages: 1622
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