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4:30pm 11-08-2015
your site is public. my 10 year old son can get on it. stop harassing people rider. you are nothing. there are other stations on the web much better than yours one good thing you do hire the handicapped. if you don't want people on your arr4u website then make it private. ITS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
8:26am 08-23-2015
To DJ_Rider2008@yahoo.com. I need the player or how to fix this one. never had a problem until about the middle of july . every one said to get you on yahoo.com won't let me so maybe this will work . if so thank you, if not thank you. the best place on the net. also the best workers . so keep the tunes flying god bless all
6:51pm 08-14-2015
djriders nighmare
there are coming to take you away rider to the funny farm
12:59pm 07-25-2015
who owns this station and where are you from
9:15pm 06-28-2015
it is the worse station i ever listened to. the djs tell us that we have to be clean with our songs then they turn around and play dirty songs and dirty comedians.
9:31pm 04-28-2015
Dianne Dickinson
please sign me up while i play pogo
3:02pm 02-19-2015
Cindi Furse
Please sign me up while I play games on pogo
5:53pm 01-25-2015
I;Dchoose you again
9:58pm 10-27-2014
laura stephens
thank you for playing distant drums for me tonight was my fathers and my song to dance to he has been gone 22 years. on pogo I am ninnyof3 thank you again
4:12pm 08-26-2014
Doris McMahan
Sign me up so I can listen while I play games at Pogo please...
4:11pm 08-26-2014
Doris McMahan
Sign me up so I can listen while I play games at Pogo please...
10:38pm 07-23-2014
Please sign me up I heard about your station playing on pogo
11:49pm 07-18-2014
Patsy Hurt
Please sign me up. I heard about your music on POGO, Thanks
10:10pm 07-10-2014
arlie mae
2:24pm 07-08-2014
im here
Messages: 1 until 15 of 24434.
Number of pages: 1629
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