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10:44pm 04-23-2014
To Everyone
I want to thank everyone for their great requests, friendships, & fun" and thank my dance team that is here for my shifts who do a fantastic job to help me get your awesome tunes played : pita, Sportsnut, Anabmom, BlingerJr, goodone107, luckylynn147, & krazit. " Love ya all! " DJ XangDance
7:27am 04-23-2014
hi all just aquick message to say   a Big ty to all  the dj's spotters n listeners for the awesome music   u all do a great job      love to all   lets keep it rolling
1:23am 04-23-2014
You people make it  so much fun while we are playing games. Thank you so much!!!!!
10:48pm 04-22-2014
love the friendly dj's and the music
10:40pm 04-22-2014
Caught the tail end of DJ Ducky's show (no pun intended!) and DJ Rider's show this evening. So good to see everyone in chat. Many thanks to Team Rider: DLD & Pita and the leader of the pack, DJ Rider for a great show. Still unpacking moving boxes here, but tuning in when I can. Love you guys, xo xo Cat
11:54pm 04-20-2014
I don't put enough guestbook entries in.  I want to thank my Quack Pack tonight which expanded by three.  Big Hug to LuckyLynn and Pita....A High 5 to Sportsnut....and a duck kiss for Koolbeanzs, Addy, and DebbieE for getting us THREE new listeners, Gabby, WindyCity, and Raindrops.
11:28pm 04-20-2014
Debbie (koolbeanzs)
Thank you DJ Ducky for all the great music , thank you for all you do sportsnut,luckylynn and pita3406 , you guys do an awesome job, I want to thank you all for making my night a better night was pretty down today.
1:12pm 04-20-2014
~ To All ~
Wishing all our wonderful staff & awesome listeners a very Happy Easter & a Happy Passover! Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones, & thank you as always for your support & friendship! Love to all, Donna & Wayne (DLD & Rider)
7:47am 04-20-2014
Dj DietPepsiGirl
HAPPY EASTER Everyone, Hope everyone has a safe and Wonderful Day.   
8:22pm 04-19-2014
  glad I got to hear the last hour of your show !!! thanks to all the helpers !!
5:47pm 04-19-2014
Love your station and all of the time you donate to make this work...thanks all of the DJ's
8:18am 04-19-2014
A fantastic Friday of tunes .Great job by DjXangdance, DjAuntbine,
Ducky, and DjRider.The dj's, assistants, and spotter
helped spin the music great job. Have a great day and keep music in your
hearts .
9:23pm 04-18-2014
Great job! all the dj's of the day , Xangdance, Auntbone, Ducky and Rider great music as always! also thanking the dj's assistant and spotters... Pita, blinger jr. , luckylynn, anabmom, and mo "goodone" great job
7:03pm 04-16-2014
I wanted to thank dj pepsigirl for the great dj hire, as always you rock girl I wanted to thank that staff as always dj assistant and spotters play a great role! keep Rocking , Till Next time!
7:37pm 04-15-2014
I would like to thank all of the staff and listeners for all the awesome music and all of the hard work and time spent making this station the best on the net. What a thrill it has been in over the 4 plus years I have been with this station. The friendships that have been made will last a lifetime Keep up the awesome job
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